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Feb. 12th, 2007

                                                                                                      Credit redempting

Oti's petsCollapse )

Nov. 6th, 2006

Fucking sick of it.


What was said is FUCKING said and if you are getting fucking PARANOID fucking TALK TO ME YOURSELF!

LJ = Fucked up problems.

Oct. 7th, 2006

Eh... what else can I say about this that "Argh! Gummi bears!"

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Spyware guessing entries!

Lady: 407
Bec: 462
Fish: 521
Bryn: 580
Ham: 623
Nouk: 666
Ankh: 675
Kaya: 721
Lulu: 739
Edamahun: 782
Niz: 900
Castamir: 1000
Neminus: 1154.25

And now for the results...Collapse )

See you next year guys!

A compendium of DnD quotes

A compendium of DnD quotes

Black Skull IICollapse )
Black SwordCollapse )
Tower of deceptionCollapse )

If anyone has any of the Black Skull I quotes or more of the Black Sword quotes, could they please comment here with them so I can add them to the list here?

DnD quotes

Will make compendium of quotes soonish.

20 quotesCollapse )
Some DnD motivational posters for you all.

Image heavyCollapse )

Also, enjoy my new GW's based icon, Nightshade bludlust, my necromancer.

For Celia G.

{Because I can't afford a message in the paper.}

Every once in a while, someone truly special comes along, someone who, in their grace, is impossible not to like. Celia was just that, the epitomey of kindness and I only wish that I could offer the words to express this in something suitable to the situation. Let it be known that Celia will remain perfect in our memories and we will never forget the times and moments we spent in her company.

Forever in our hearts, Celia.

1986 - 2006

"Where dark elves rule"

Attention Roleplayers.

I'm searching for 4 experienced roleplayers who would be interested in an online RP.

Level 14th for single class, and 15th for multi-class.

Details under the cutCollapse )

Keep in mind the party already consists of, and this may change in future, a Rogue/Wizard and a Ranger.

Comment if you're interested. First four applicants will be chosen ^^,

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